ciNE65 Festival 2019: Film Screenings at The Cathay: Programme Three

ciNE65 Festival 2019: Film Screenings at The Cathay
Date: Wed, 5 Jun
Time: 5pm - 6.10pm
Free admission, please RSVP here for Programme Three. Seating will be on a first-come basis. Please register at the ciNE65 table at LEVEL 6, THE CATHAY.

Join us for a screening of short films curated around the themes of home, community and being Singaporean. The programmes include award-winning local short films and commissioned films from current or earlier ciNE65 editions – a heart-warming selection of films that will delight audiences of all ages.

The Usual by Sanif Olek / 3 min / Drama / 2017 / PG
The Usual revolves around Rosli, a Commando, and Uncle Siva, an Indian barber who played a part in Rosli’s career choice. Watch to see the transformation of Rosli from “boy to man” and how he desires to inspire the next generation of National Servicemen.

Nasi Opera by Eddie Tyler Wong / 3 min / Drama / 2017 / PG
A spicy meal. The sounds of opera. An open door.

Hello Pa by Nivash Joyvin Xavier / 3 min / Drama / 2017 / PG
A son gives his father a call one day. However as the conversation develops, the father realises that the call isn't a casual one.

Blk 401 by Stanley Xu / 3 min / Documentary / 2015 / PG
A young man finds the feeling of home in the coffee shop he used to visit, as he reminisces fragments of his childhood and adolescence there.

Bunga Sayang by Royston Tan / 13 min / Drama / 2015 / PG
A boy comes home one day to take a bath, only to find out that his unit’s water supply has been cut. Desperate for water, he drops by his neighbour upstairs, an elderly Malay woman with a fondness for making kueh and listening to music. This short film was part of the 7 Letters anthology commissioned for SG50.

Unwavering by Lawrence Loh / 3 min / Drama / 2015 / PG
Unwavering is a film based on an old cleaner, who reminisces about the times when she set out to achieve her dreams and aspirations.

Pink IC by Alvin Lee / 3 min / Drama / 2018 / PG
Based on a true story, Pink IC showcases the emotional experience of a stateless Singaporean of Caucasian descent after waiting 50 years for his pink identification card.

Tireless by Kenny Tan / 1 min / Drama / 2014 / PG
A heartfelt tribute to the very people who have sacrificed tirelessly for the growth and well-being of each individual as well as the society at large.

Afternoon at Bukit Ho Swee by Koh Chong Wu / 3 min / Drama / 2018 / PG
A story about a samsui woman who thinks that she had time travelled to contemporary Singapore. She recollects her experience of the Bukit Ho Swee fire to a young woman she met.

Bonds by Tan Jun Yuan / 2 min / Comedy / 2013 / PG
Regardless of race, language and religion, or which part of the world they are at, all Singaporeans will be seated in front of the television, crossing their fingers and hoping that Team Singapore will be able to win the match with the last penalty kick. No matter where we are, we will always be there for Singapore, our country.

Going Away by Tariq Mansor / 3 min / Drama / 2013 / PG
A young lady struggles with her decision and talks to her family members and friends about her intention on leaving her normal life to pursue something different. The people around her remind her of the things she will miss, though these people are the reason that she considered making this decision in the first place.

Parting by Boo Junfeng / 13 min / Drama / 2015 / PG
An elderly man travels to Singapore via the KTM express to look for an old flame whom he has lost contact with. This short film was part of the 7 Letters anthology commissioned for SG50.

The Team by Ray Pang / 3 min / Comedy / 2011 / PG
The Team is a short film about kids in Singapore who love soccer, in regardless of race or background. Set in the 90s, when our national football team is made up of multi-racial players that bring glory to Singapore as a nation, this film shows that it’s not about who we are, but what are we that matter.

Priceless by Kenny Tan / 3 min / Drama / 2013 / PG
A visit to the principal's office over an innocent dispute brings about an invaluable lesson on the significance of defending one's own and being there for what really matters.

冰棒 by Vigo Toh / 3 min / Drama / 2017 / PG
Jia Hao is close to an elderly neighbour as she always lends him a listening ear when his parents are busy. He finds out that he's moving to another neighbourhood and he decides to do something for her to show his appreciation before leaving.

Ang Ku Kueh by Chong Yu Lun / 3 min / Drama / 2017 / PG
A fresh recruit visits the optometrist to purchase glasses and improve his vision. Due to his eye deficiency, he lost hope and sees a dull future in his 2 years of army. He is in turn inspired by a little boy who looks up to him as a soldier and a hero.

Home-made by Aloysius Lee / 3 min / Drama / 2015 / PG
Home-made is a short monologue about a young Singaporean chef, Joey (Ah Boy). He participates in an international cooking competition, drawing inspiration from and seeking to achieve the taste of his grandmother (Ah Ma)’s dishes.

Please click here for more details on the other Short Film Programmes screening at The Cathay on 5 June.

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